About – Daniel W. Vose vosesomatic

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

3 Year Post Graduate Training

Masters Degree in Somatic Psychology

3 Year Graduate Schooling

Certified DARe Practitioner 

Attachment Repatterning Trainer

Certified Revisioning Practitioner 

Targeted Memory Reorganization

Daniel has seen over 1,000 clients for individual somatic oriented sessions since 2008. He was a trainer for Diane Heller’s somatic attachment training, and lead assistant for somatic experiencing trainings. He has help train hundreds of therapists in post graduate modalities.  He is a somatic experiencing (SE), DARe, and Revisioning practitioner. He holds a masters degree in Somatic psychology (3 year program) and a BA in buddhist psychology. Daniel has spent time learning from and then helping first nation communities with trauma.  Daniel led continuing education groups for other somatic experiencing practitioners at Sierra Tucson treatment center. He is now focussing on somatic education, follow him on instagram @VoseSomatic

Danie Vose MA

Daniel's Story

Born with a unique gift and raised in a challenging environment, Daniel embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth. With an intuitive understanding of the healing process and a deep connection to timeless wisdom, Daniel emerged from the darkness of trauma and addiction to become a leading trauma therapist, guiding countless others to heal, regenerate, and thrive using his innovative approach: Regulate, Reconnect, Regenerate.

 Daniel, faced numerous challenges in his early years. From a young age, he experienced visions of spirits and other dimensions, which led to confusion and fear. But fate intervened when he met spiritual guides who recognized his gifts and helped him understand his purpose in life. This exposure to diverse healing traditions provided Daniel with a strong foundation and a deep appreciation for the power of connection and the human spirit.

As a teenager, Daniel struggled with addiction, which eventually led him to seek help from various treatment centers. These experiences allowed him to understand the importance of connection and recovery, and he became deeply committed to his own healing journey.

Through his academic and professional pursuits, Daniel discovered the transformative power of somatic practices, attachment theory, and contemplative psychology. He combined these approaches with his background in diverse healing traditions to create a unique and effective trauma therapy methodology, which he calls “Regeneration.”

Regeneration is a process of healing that integrates the body, mind, and spirit. By following Daniel’s innovative approach to Regulate, Reconnect, Regenerate, individuals can rebuild from a place of authenticity, resilience, and wholeness.

Daniel has dedicated his life to helping others overcome trauma and live their best lives. As a sought-after trauma therapist and educator, he has touched the lives of thousands through his work at renowned treatment centers, training programs, and community outreach initiatives.

With the release of his book, “Get Over Trauma, Regenerate Your Life,” and the development of his online courses, Daniel is now bringing his powerful message of hope, healing, and regeneration to an even wider audience.

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