How to be the most powerful person in the room (using somatic psychology). – Daniel W. Vose

How to be the most powerful person in the room (using somatic psychology).

You can become more powerful and healthy at the same time by getting embodied. Somatic practices make you more present, and more presence means more strength.
People that command respect, that have developed a real presence in the room are not the ones addicted to comfort. They are the ones who have faced their anxiety and pain, the ones that know they are larger than their discomfort. They are not scared to look at it.
There are many people who have “made it” and might even have esteem but the ones who have the real power in the room are the ones who have turned toward their discomfort and made peace with it.
You need to get good at making peace with your discomfort, watch to the end of the video for a specific practice.
Comfort is overrated. We can use comfort to avoid some reality like an emotion. Instead of feeling it, you turn toward television or alcohol. It can be the same with physical discomfort.
You see there is this seemingly magical thing that can happen when you turn toward your discomfort. You grow. It’s a natural cycle, It’s like a wave. When you successfully complete a wave of emotion you grow.
Now the way you turn toward it is everything. If you force yourself to look at something you are repressing, aggressively trying to feel something it may shut you down more. You might think you are progressing because you don’t feel it anymore but you may have just dissociated, that’s what desensitization is.

When the conditions are right though, and you are not going to be overwhelmed or end up dissociating, there is tremendous power in being with your discomfort. Not trying to change it but being with it.
There is so much to say about why, but it is really about actually being present in this physical reality. More accurately more of you is present here. When you are addicted to comfort or are avoiding feelings, part of you is stuck somewhere else. You have frozen part of you in time. People notice, maybe unconsciously, but people can feel it when you are actually present here. if this is interesting so far drop a like and hit the subscribe button for more.
This is the practice, to find a solid enough sene of yourself that you can turn toward the feelings you are having. Remember your own strength, you are not as fragile as you might think.
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