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Online Courses

Healing Anxiety

Somatic Approaches that work to regulate your anxiety

Trading Psychology

Learn how to master your nervous system and trade better.

 Trading is the perfect  psychological stress test.

Heal Your Trauma

Discover what it means to move beyond your trauma using somatic approaches.

The Somatic Coaching Certification Program Part 1

The Somatic Coaching program is a complete methodology with foundations in work directly with nervous system, the attachment system, intergenerational coding, and alignment with the innate healing drive. 

The program includes five fundamental frameworks so you can masterfully address whatever your clients needs, principles for working, skills, how to actually do the work, and how to set your business up. 

The program is designed for both healing professionals like therapists, naturopaths, etc who want an in depth somatic skillset and coaching certificate but has also been designed for the lay person who wants to become a coach. 

The first part of this program is entirely online. The second part entails in person practice.