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The way you are organized, mind and body, is rooted in processes much deeper than the thinking mind. To truly regenerate your life you need to work at the level of those process. You need to move beyond just thought. It’s about resting into the nature of you and letting that nature spread through the rest of your life.
Regeneration is about divesting from unhealthy patterns and returning to your intelligent nature. From there, the body can re-code and adapt to optimize your quality of life and build resilience. It’s the practice of allowing the nature of you to inform all areas of your life.
This book provides a roadmap for non-physical regeneration and resilience. It weaves in the author’s personal narrative of regenerating his life after drug addiction and trauma. He then studied his own regeneration and applied it to working with hundreds of individual clients.

The Trading Psychology Ebook

They say to “trade without emotion,” but is that sustainable or even possible? Emotions are sneaky. When you push them down they always find a way to surface, usually in unexpected and harmful ways.
To really understand how to work with your psychology to improve your trading, you need to understand how to work with the experience of your nervous system. You need to actually work beneath the level of emotion.
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