Nervous System Regulation Mini Course

Nervous System Regulation Exercises for Trauma

Get the Five tools with explanations of how to use them effectively. Written guides to make looking them up when you are stressed easy, and video demonstrations to help ensure you are getting it.

5 Must Have Somatic Exercises for ONLY $5

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Dear Nervous System Desiring Regulation,

I get it. In a world where the pace is relentless, where our senses are bombarded from every direction, it’s no wonder our nervous systems can feel overburdened. The constant demands of modern culture can push even the most resilient among us into a state of perpetual readiness – always alert, always anticipating the next challenge.

Does this sound familiar?:

  • That nagging digestive issue that doesn’t seem related to any food you eat?
  • The mysterious challenge of drifting into a peaceful night’s sleep, even after the longest days?
  • The subtle strains in relationships, not because of significant conflicts, but because of an underlying tension?
  • The occasional feeling of being ‘on edge,’ even when there’s no apparent reason?

These aren’t personal failures or inherent flaws. These are the signals from a nervous system trying its best to adapt to a world that sometimes asks too much.

With this mini-course, I’ve curated 5 powerful somatic tools, gleaned from years of Somatic Psychology practice. They are not just techniques, but gentle invitations. Invitations for your nervous system to find its rhythm, to recalibrate, and to reclaim the harmony it so rightly deserves.

It’s time to nurture yourself in a world that doesn’t always pause to ask how you’re doing.

Warmly, Daniel

Daniel Vose MA SEP

"Instruct your nervous system, and it will not only support you,
but also elevate you."

Do You Identify with Any of These?

If So This Mini-Course is For You

What's Holding you back?

Three major obstacles we often encounter.

The Modern Myth of "Busyness": In today's culture, constant activity is often mistaken for productivity, making us feel guilty for taking time out. Yet, true productivity stems from a balanced mind and body.

Constant Stressors: We're bombarded with stimuli and elements foreign to our nervous system, making it challenging to discern natural responses from those conditioned by our environment.

Overwhelm with Choices: With a barrage of wellness trends and tools available, choosing a path can be overwhelming. However, it's the foundational, time-tested methods that often provide the deepest relief and regulation.

What's in the Class?

Includes Somatic Exercises and Theory. Over the course of a dense hour presentation.

Benefit from Years of Experience

Daniel Vose MA SEP​

Somatic Work Since 2008

MA Somatic Psychology

>10,000 intentional Professional Practice Hours

With over 10,000 hours in somatic psychology, Daniel has guided over 1,000 clients, trained hundreds of therapists, and led education groups at the world renown treatment centers. His work also extends to First Nations communities. His depth of expertise and dedication to fostering connection empower you on your journey towards regulation, reconnection, and regeneration. Share this resource to help create a ripple of transformation. Follow him on instagram @vosesomatic​

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