Free Mini Training: Somatic Trauma Transformation. From disconnection and Overwhelm to Ease and connection.

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Free Transformational MasterClass

From Disconnection To Connection


Discover the transformative power of Somatics and Attachment in our FREE masterclass: "3 Secrets to Trauma Transformation: Unlock Your Inner Wisdom"

Topics Covered

What is this about?

Introduction to Body Psychology. How to speak the nervous systems Language. Why its hard to feel your body. Attachment and Embodiment. Strengthening the bounce back in the spring of your nervous system. Reclaiming Dissociation. When it’s no longer productive.

Unmasking Trauma

How to bridge the divides that trauma creates with somatics.

Power of Connection

Leverage attachment theory and connection to transform your life.

Align with Inner Wisdom

Harness the power of your body's natural intelligence.

About The Presenter

Daniel Vose

Daniel is a somatic educator who has helped train hundreds of psychotherapists in post graduate trainings and worked with more than 1,000 individual clients. Follow him on IG @vosesomatic

Somatic Work Since 2008

MA Somatic Psychology

>10,000 intentional practice hours

Feeling stuck in a cycle of disconnect and misunderstanding? Tired of the constant overwhelm? Many of us carry the hidden weight of past traumas, influencing our lives in insidious ways. But remember, your past doesn't have to be your life sentence. This masterclass is your invitation to step into a future of peace, alignment, and ease. Start your transformation journey now, moving away from surviving and towards a thriving life filled with understanding, connection, and inner harmony.​

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Somatics (mind-body psychology) has become so popular because its working for so many. Now coupled with understandings from science backed attachment theory, change and freedom from unnecessary suffering is within reach for virtually everyone. Learn the system that has helped change so many lives from feeling stuck in survival mode to able to think clearly and act like yourself.