Reprograming Anxiety: Understanding and Overcoming the Root Cause.

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What's in the Course

Applicable Theory

This is where you can become more knowledgeable than most therapists about the nervous system and anxiety. You will be someone who understands how your nervous system works. You do not just learn the theory you also learn how to apply the theory.


Be someone who can manage their anxiety at will. Change rarely happens overnight. So while you are changing from the inside out, you need tools to help down sooth and deactivate your anxiety.

Guided Expierences

Repattern your nervous system in the moment. Many courses are mostly theory, some have specific tools. In this course you get both and you are guided through experiences that can rewire how your nervous system functions.

Proven Strategies

These strategies have been working for hundreds of Daniels clients for many years. They can work for you too!


This course can make you knowledgable so that you can be part of a growing communities of people who speak the language of the unconscious nervous system through body awareness

Reasonable price

Potentially save thousands of dollars in personal sessions.
The information in this course would normally be learned through

This course is organized for easy digestion and clean processing
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What You Will Get:

Highly Recommend if you want to get a solid handle on your anxiety and learn about the nervous system.


This Course was very engaging. I feel like it saved me at least a year of personal sessions with a somatic provider. 

Emma Black

Don't Just Learn, Apply it!

It’s one thing to learn mentally, it’s another thing altogether to teach the body, which is your unconscious. You can recode how your nervous system feels about life. That’s what we can do together. I sincerely believe that this course can help you in significant ways. Don’t hesitate, just jump in!

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Highly Recommend!


Wow! Inspiring. Amazing that we are able to actually address many of our problems at the root. I feel I have so much potential now. 

Sarah Cummings

Interesting and Very Useful


I hadn’t cried in years. The last guided experience brought me there. That last lecture alone is easily worth the value of the course. 

-Joseph Rush

I feel like myself again.


Wow, I had no idea that underneath my anxiety was trauma. I just had to apply a few of the practices and I feel comfortable in my skin again. It seemed subtle at the time but reflecting on it there was a major change.

-Jen Williams