Welcome to a brand new way of being in relationship with yourself and others.

Dear Inquiring Soul,

Step into a space where energy channels, somatics, and past traumas intertwine, painting a vivid tapestry of our human experience. This masterclass illuminates the delicate balance between our tangible reality and the ethereal dimensions that often dance just beyond our usual perception.

While one need not be an adept meditator to join us, a basic understanding of spiritual dimensions and an open curiosity will enhance your journey. For those who’ve felt the whisper of energy or caught fleeting glimpses of a world that’s so much vaster than the eye can see, this space is for you.

Assigning a value to such a journey is no simple task. We offer a suggested donation, honoring the depth and breadth of the insights shared. Yet, if circumstances make this challenging, please reach out. Our wish is for these insights to touch the hearts and minds ready to receive them.

Embark on this journey of Synchronization with us.

With humility and warmth,

Daniel Vose MA SEP

"When you develop a container for spiritual dimensions of life,
the experience will come."
-Daniel Vose

Do You Resonate?

✅ While you might not consider yourself an "advanced" meditator, you've delved into spiritual practices and understand some of its deeper dimensions. ✅ You've sensed energies or vibrations beyond the immediately visible and tangible. ✅ The concept of somatic experiences intrigues you, and you've felt the connection between body and mind. ✅ You're curious about how past traumas can intertwine with spirituality and healing.

✅ You believe in the transformative power of integrating physical and spiritual experiences, and are eager to delve deeper into this harmony. ✅ You're open-minded and are willing to explore concepts beyond conventional understanding. ✅ You're seeking a community or space where these topics are explored with depth and respect. ✅ The notion of navigating both trauma and spiritual states simultaneously feels relevant and timely for you.

If so this program is for you.

What's Holding you back?

There are three major obstacles we often encounter.

Body On Lock Down. Experience of life has taught parts of you that it's better to be closed.

Lack of right Attunement from others. You may just need someone to be really present with you in order to get really present with yourself.

Lack of knowing in the body.
Identifying too much with your thinking. It's not uncommon to get lost in the vast sea of information on spirituality and somatics.

Please Contact me about the Alchemy of Self: Transform Trauma, Nurture ease and cultivate healthy relationships Program to apply or learn more.

What's in the program?

1. Unraveling Dualities and Weaving Polarities. From fragmentation to a harmonious state of being. 2. Between Trauma & Transcendence: Explore the extremes of human experiences, understanding the fine line between traumatic episodes and spiritual awakenings, and how they interlink. 3. Cultivating Coherence: somatic practices in achieving clarity, stillness, and an integrated self. Discover tools and techniques to foster a healthy dialogue between different parts of oneself. 4.Embodying Ethereal States: Learn how to bring spiritual insights into your daily life, ensuring they aren't just fleeting moments but transformative experiences. 5. Direct Experience of life. Learn about dropping the filters and be with what is as a body.

About Your Guide

Daniel Vose MA SEP

Somatic Work Since 2008

MA Somatic Psychology

>10,000 intentional practice hours

With over 10,000 hours in somatic psychology, Daniel has guided over 1,000 clients, trained hundreds of therapists, and led education groups at the world renown treatment centers. His work also extends to First Nations communities. His depth of expertise and dedication to fostering connection empower you on your journey towards regulation, reconnection, and regeneration. Share this resource to help create a ripple of transformation. Follow him on instagram @vosesomatic

Discover how Trauma can actually serve as a catalyst for your development as a body, mind, and spiritual being