Welcome to a brand new way of being in relationship with yourself and others.

Thank you for being here. As a somatic trauma educator with over a decade of experience, I am committed to helping you explore a life that is nothing short of free, compassionate, and filled with ease. You deserve to have the capacity to dynamically navigate life’s many challenges while also embracing your true potential with confidence.

Over the years, I’ve collaborated with individuals from around the world, developing a new model of understanding trauma that goes beyond just managing symptoms. We all aspire to live a life filled with happiness, ease, and authentic relationships, but often our experiences and traumas stand in our way. There is a pathway of healing, a clear set of somatic skills that can help you overcome what you have learned from your past and guide you towards a healthier future.

Inside this program, you will be able to:

Reconnect with your innate resilience and regain control over your life. Transform trauma into a catalyst for personal growth and development. Create deeper, more meaningful relationships with yourself and others. Understand your unique nervous system and how it impacts your life. The “Alchemy of Self: Trauma Transformation, Cultivating Ease and Fostering Healthy Relationships” program is a comprehensive journey that includes personal sessions with me, group interactions, a rich video library, a detailed workbook, and ongoing support via Voxer and email. This program allows you to engage with the material at your own pace, revisit it as often as needed, and receive personalized guidance and community support.

Together, we will explore the alchemy of transforming trauma and cultivating self-awareness. Most of us have learned to avoid confronting our past traumas and issues, but in doing so, we often settle for less than we deserve. It’s time to stop settling and start healing.

I invite you to experience what it’s like to transform trauma, foster healthy relationships, and live a life of ease and fulfillment.

My mission is to foster a shift in your understanding of self, where you build a life rooted in compassion, resilience, and self-awareness.

These are the same skills and tools that I’ve used to help countless individuals navigate their journeys of healing and growth. I know you can do it because I’ve witnessed transformations in individuals who once felt stuck and overwhelmed.

I invite you to join our community and learn a new way of navigating life and its many challenges.


Daniel Vose

"The human condition often tempts us towards 'shadowless' self-perception, but it is precisely through embracing and transforming the shadow, our trauma, that the true alchemy of self begins, fostering deep inner peace and healthy relationships."
-Daniel Vose

Do You Resonate With Any of These?

✔️ You feel stuck in cycles of stress and fear, even when your surroundings are safe and peaceful.
✔️ You struggle with loneliness, and crave deeper, more meaningful connections.
✔️ You're eager to understand and break the harmful patterns in your life, but don't know how.

✔️ You experience a sense of emptiness and lack of fulfillment, and you long to experience more joy in life.
✔️ You're committed to reclaiming your life and reconnecting with your true self, but need guidance on where to start.
✔️ You are ready to embark on a journey of transformation and create a more aligned, fulfilling life.

If so this program is for you.

What's Holding you back?

There are three major obstacles we often encountered.

Self-Aggression: "I'm always so hard on myself, it's like I'm my own worst enemy."

Absence of a Safe Haven: "I never really feel safe or supported enough to truly heal and grow."

Lack of Understanding or Experiences: "I just don't know the best way forward."

In the Alchemy of Self program, we address these obstacles head-on. We work on cultivating self-compassion, creating safe spaces for growth, and gaining the insights and experiences needed for genuine healing and transformation.

Please Contact me about the Alchemy of Self: Transform Trauma, Nurture ease and cultivate healthy relationships Program to apply or learn more.

What's in the program?

This is the top-tier somatic, trauma, and attachment program. This four month intensive, helps you to deeply reorganize your nervous system, so that you can experience life with a sense of ease and alignment. Your unconscious nervous system is the foundation of all the ways you experience life. Your thoughts, feelings, and behavior are a direct result of what your nervous system has learned about life. Thankfully we have the technology to transform the hurt imprinted in your nervous system so that you can get discover your nature, reclaim your body, and live a life of deep capacity to be present with all things. The presence you will uncover will help you to have ease in yourself, your relationships, and be your best tool to help you do whatever you are here to do.

Overwhelming Feelings ➔ Emotional Stability

Unresolved Trauma ➔ Completion and Growth

Difficult Relationships ➔ Improved Interactions

Lack of Self-Understanding ➔ Deep Self-Knowledge

Fear of Change ➔ Confidence in Transformation

Embrace Your Innate Strength and Wisdom:

Life can be good. There is an unbreakable part in each of us. A deep-seated wisdom that, when we follow, inevitably brings alignment and expansion. Picture waking up each day in connection with this innate wisdom, feeling empowered, in control, and at peace. Imagine navigating through life's challenges with resilience, understanding, and grace. Our mission is to help you unlock and embody this inner strength. Together, we will overcome past traumas and radically transform your life. You are not alone on this journey. With our comprehensive program and continuous support, you are taking the first step toward a life of liberation, fulfillment, and profound peace. Are you ready to transform your pain into power and tap into a life of joy, harmony, and profound connection? Join the waitlist today and embark on the journey to your best self.

4 Pillars of the Program

1. Personalized One-On-One Sessions: Engage in personal sessions with Daniel Vose. These intimate encounters provide a platform for unique exploration and transformation, which are specially tailored to meet your specific healing needs and objectives.

2. Comprehensive Self-Paced Learning: Full access to Alchemy of trauma program -rich library of educational materials and activities that you can explore at your own pace. 21 modules with video lessons, guided exercises, and workbooks designed to deepen your understanding.

3. Community Connection & Group Process: . Participate in bi-weekly group sessions where you'll have the opportunity to practice new skills, share experiences, and receive support from a community of individuals on similar healing journeys. Create lasting supportive friendships

4. Continued Support and Accountability: Benefit from consistent support and guidance. With access to Daniel between sessions via Voxer and email, you can ask questions, share insights, and receive necessary support and reminders to maintain your progress on your healing journey.

Why Choose This Program?

This program is more than just a self-help course – it’s a transformative journey designed specifically for those ready to make profound shifts in their life. By choosing this program, you’re not just purchasing resources; you’re investing in a personal, guided journey that will help you to:

  1. Regain Control: Learn to manage your feelings and reactions, breaking free from the cycles that hold you back. In order to be able to let go usually we need to first feel in control

  2. Build Strong Relationships: Improve your interactions and deepen your connections with others through enhanced understanding and communication.

  3. Experience Personal Growth: Uncover your true nature and develop your capacity for presence, resulting in profound personal growth.

  4. Navigate Life’s Challenges: Equip yourself with tools and strategies to navigate life’s ups and downs with ease and confidence.

About Your Guide

Daniel Vose MA SEP

Somatic Work Since 2008

MA Somatic Psychology

>10,000 intentional practice hours

With over 10,000 hours in somatic psychology, Daniel has guided over 1,000 clients, trained hundreds of therapists, and led education groups at the world renown treatment centers. His work also extends to First Nations communities. His depth of expertise and dedication to fostering connection empower you on your journey towards regulation, reconnection, and regeneration. Share this resource to help create a ripple of transformation. Follow him on instagram @vosesomatic

Discover how Trauma can actually serve as a catalyst for your development as a body, mind, and spiritual being

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