Daniel Vose MA SEP
Somatic and Attachment Coaching

Daniel has worked with over 1,000 individual clients of nearly all walks of life. His work is sacred to him and is honored by the opportunity to not just help you come back to yourself, but also live the full rich life you deserve.

About Me

Hello and welcome! I’m Daniel, your Regeneration Coach. I hold a graduate degree in Somatic Psychology and have been fortunate to leverage that expertise in multiple professional settings. After completing my graduate work, I joined a top treatment center where I not only saw clients but also led continuing education groups for specialized therapists.

My experience further extends to teaching Somatic Attachment Work to therapists, leading groups of assistant teachers in Somatic Experiencing training programs, and I’ve recently authored a book on the subject. My unique blend of Somatic Trauma Work, Attachment Theory, and wisdom from Indigenous traditions has been developed over years of observing patterns in clients who achieved significant transformations.

I am committed to guiding you back to your authentic self, helping you navigate through life’s challenges, and empowering you to regenerate your life in alignment with your own values and aspirations.

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Regenerative Life Coaching: Rebuild and rejuvenate your life according to your personal goals and values after trauma

Somatic Exp

Harness your nervous system's innate wisdom to better respond to stress, trauma, and life's challenges.

Attachment Work

Cultivate healthier relationships through understanding and reshaping your attachment patterns.

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Daniel Vose

Welcome! I’m Daniel, your Somatic and Attachment Coach. With years of expertise in Somatic Experiencing and Attachment Work, I offer a specialized approach that honors the intricate connection between the mind and body. I have been privileged to teach somatic attachment work alongside Diane Heller and have led groups of assistant teachers in Somatic Experiencing trainings.

Somatic Work Since 2008

MA Somatic Psychology

>10,000 intentional hours

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