Somatic Attachment Trainer, Certified Life Coach, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner


Hello! If you would like to join the waitlist email me at with a little bit about yourself and what you are wanting from our work together. Please let me know if you are open to one off sessions. When I have cancelations I can facilitate single sessions.

About Daniel

Daniel has seen over 1,000 clients for individual somatic oriented sessions since 2008. He was a trainer for Diane Heller’s somatic attachment training, and lead assistant for somatic experiencing trainings. He is a somatic experiencing (SE) and DARe practitioner, holds a masters degree in psychology (3 year program) and a BA in buddhist psychology. Daniel led continuing education groups for other somatic experiencing practitioners at Sierra Tucson treatment center.

His coaching work integrates understandings of health and healing from various traditions including SE, DARe, Native American medicine traditions, Buddhism, Worsley’s 5 Element acupuncture,  Laban Movement Analysis, Body Mind Centering, Revisioning, and more. He started on his path as a coach and healer as a child who had the fortune of working with and learning from indigenous healers as a child into being a young man, and renown psychology experts after his graduate schooling.

He sees clients individually for Somatic Experiencing, DARe (Dynamic attachment repatterining experience), and coaching. He no longer practices psychotherapy as Daniel does not diagnosis or treat mental health disorder

Daniels orientation:

When people are in their last moments of life, what’s important becomes clear. What will you think about? Quantitative studies have shown that during the last moments of life people don’t think about their material possessions or other more superficial preoccupations, rather they think about the quality of their relationships and ways they could have deepened them. It is too easy to put off growth, day after day, until there is no more time. The best time to act is now!

What is the most important investment in your life? In the somatic process you will get a road map for your nervous system’s functioning, how it has been deeply shaping your daily life in unconscious ways, and you will learn what to do about it. The transformational process works by first setting the initial conditions that expand your capacity (the setting you up for success phase), and then allows you to rewire your nervous system so you can thrive.

Therapy focuses on insight and can be limiting in building a thriving life. Insight can feel good but it does not equal change. The somatic and attachment systems has been scientifically shown to work on deeper levels of the brain. What that means for you is a more efficient process that has more lasting change.

There are a designated number of reduced rate spots for therapists and students in trainings Daniel presents or assists at.  If finances are a major obstacle you can still benefit from sessions less often. Most of Daniel’s clients are therapists or other healthcare providers, who have done their work and are now looking to move beyond therapy and focus on thriving in there life.

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